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Is your hard drive making bad noises or is data being lost? Is Windows not booting up or you are getting a No Operating System found message? Have you accidentally deleted files from your computer? We have the capability to restore this lost data, backup your drive and get you up and running again.

In the simplest cases where the problem is caused by file system corruption we can correct these errors and get you up and running in no time. Estimated cost $40-80.

In more difficult cases where there is physical damage to the drive, but it is still accessible we will do everything possible to backup your data and get it copied to a new drive. In a lot of cases we can actually take a snapshot of the drive and write this to a new hard drive. What this does is basically let you start over with a new hard drive, but all your programs and data are still there. We can also recover data that has been accidentally deleted or even off a formatted drive. Estimated cost $80-200 plus the new drive.

In the worst case scenario where the drive is not accessible we partner with an outside company who have advanced tools to extract your data from the failed drive. Estimated cost $600 to several thousands depending on the amount of data and size of the drive.

Give us a call at 916-585-4207 with any questions or to setup an appointment. We provide onsite service in the Greater Sacramento Metropolitan area.


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