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Proper and timely routine maintenance is essential to the health and continued operation of your PC. Our PC Tune-up will perform these essential tasks. Not only will your system run faster and start up quicker, but it will also last longer. This service is also available as a remote support option. Below you will find some of the services we will perform.

Services Performed

Software and System Review 

  •     Remove all old files including temporary files and windows updates.
  •     Remove unneeded or unused programs.
  •     Optimize system startup to increase performance.
  •     Scan for viruses with or apply virus signature update as applicable.  Install Antivirus software if needed.
  •     Run Scan Disk to check directory and file structure and the physical condition of hard drives.
  •     Run Disk Defragmenter to organize data clusters on the hard disk to speed up file loading. 

Hardware Upkeep 

  •     Check cables for kinks, rips, and risk of shorts.
  •     Open case to verify functioning of CPU and power supply fans. 
  •     Air dust internal components. 
  •     Spray dust power supply fan. 
  •     Spray dust keyboard.


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